Full Prof. Valentin Garkov, Ph.D.

Faculty of Public Health, Health Care and Tourism
Tourism, Alpinism and Orienteering
Stud. grad: (02) 4014(313)
Mobile: 0898-77-63-34

Education and career

    Day and place of birth: 31 януари 1962 г. в Дупница

1980, graduated from the Comprehensive High School;
Since 1975, an active competitor in sports orienteering;
1987 – 1991, a student in tourism-orienteering at the ‘G. Dimitrov’ Higher Institute of Physical Culture, graduated with honors;
1992, appointed by a competition as assistant professor at the Tourism, Climbing and Sports Orienteering Department;
Since 1992, assistant professor and coach at the ‘V. Levski’ NSA;
2001, defended a Ph.D. thesis;
Author of 25 research publications and participant in three international scientific congresses;
Member of the International Scientific Society on Stress, Sport and Adaptation;
Ex-coach of the National Sports Orienteering Team;
Proficiency in spoken and written Russian, Serbian, Croat, English and spoken French.

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