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Прием на чуждестранни студенти

National Sports Academy has a valid institutional accreditation and offers programs at the three qualification degrees:

▪ Bachelor — 4 year programs / full- time studies/-240 ECTS

▪ Master — 1 or 2-year programs after the Bachelor’s degree, min. 60 ECTS  

▪ Doctor — 3-year program  after the Master’s degree

 National Sports Academy provides a fundamental education in the Bachelor’s degree in the following fields:


Professional qualifications:

Coach (in 69 types of sports), Sports manager, Sports animator, Sports commentator, Coach in adapted physical activity and sport, Coach in conditioning training, Coach in applied fighting and security


Professional qualification: 

Teacher in Physical Education


Professional qualification: Kinesitherapist / Physiotherapist 

  National Sports Academy provides a fundamental education in the Master’s degree in the following fields:


Professional qualifications:

 Master of High-Performance Sport; Sports Management; Sports Psychology; Sports Journalism; Olympism and the Olympic Movement; Sports and Security; Sport, Fitness, Health, Sports animation, SPA Culture, Eastern and Aqua Practices, SPA culture, hydro, litho and thalasso practices, Adapted Physical Activities and Sports, Creation and realization of sports show programs, Adapted Sport and Inclusive Education


Professional qualification:

Master of Physical Education and sport, Master of Youth activities and Sport


Professional qualification:  Master of Kinesitherapy, Master of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation


 Since 2005 the NSA has applied the European Credit Transfer System – ECTS


Required documents:

  1. ID card /original and copy/
  2. Secondary education diploma and an official transcript. 
  3. Document issued by a competent authority, certifying the applicant’s eligibility to continue his/her studies in higher education institutions in the country where they acquired secondary education.
  4. A medical certificate /issued not earlier than 30 days before the application procedure/.
  5. 4 recent photos 3.5x 4.5 /passport format/
  6. Document for the paid administrative fee 


       IBAN: BG83 BNBG 9661 3100 1751 01


       BANK: BNB

  1. Application form 


* Documents under item 2,3,4 must be legalized, translated, and certified in accordance with the provisions of international treaties of the Republic of Bulgaria with the country in which they were issued, and in the absence of such, in the general order for legalization, translation, and certification of documents and other papers.

Applicants from EU countries submit their documents not later than 1st of September of the respective academic year for which they are applying. For all the other non-EU applicants, the deadline is 30 th of July.  

Download application form

For more information:

Department of Education, NSA “Vassil Levski”

mobile: +359 893044155

tel: +359 2 4014 206

e-mail: uchebenotdel@nsa.bg, press@nsa.bg



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