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NSA Mission


1. To prepare highly qualified specialists with higher education, capable of developing and applying the scientific knowledge in the different areas of the physical education, sport, tourism and kinesitherapy;
2. To realize fundamental and applied scientific research, to create and apply scientific products;
3. To consolidate and develop the national traditions in education, science, sport, tourism and kinesitherapy;
4. To select, prepare and qualify its teaching and academy staff;
5. To co-operate on national and international levels in the areas of education, science, sport, tourism and kinesitherapy;
6. To raise the qualification of the specialists higher and secondary education.

Developing its academic profile, NSA approves and perfects its status of the first national center for sports science. At the same time, the Academy works consistently to give its educational standards the same status as those of the universities from the European community on the bases of mutual integration.

NSA gives its basic contribution to the rationalization of sport education and sports science processes, which run in the Balkan region, South-eastern Europe and in the world.

The teaching and academic potential of the Academy have a leading role in the development and realization of joined European projects in the areas of sport culture, science, education and business.

The National Sports Academy is a higher educational institution, which prepares specialists in compliance with the requirements of the high European standards.


Everyone in NSA is convinced, that there is no finish line in the future, after which we will stop, because it is the end. We are proud with our successes, but our religion and purpose is to remain at the top. We and our alumni are one family, where competence and youth generate together the sport science.

1. The graduates with degrees “bachelor” and “master” in NSA have to be prepared for activity and mobility toward one fast changing social surrounding. This is not an abstract preparation for an abstract adaptability, but a marketing grounded educational policy.
2. The main qualities, gained through the preparation process are: mobility, self-dependence, adaptability, based on high professionalism.
3. The graduated from NSA sport specialists must be highly communicative, which will help them to be competitive and integrate without problems in the European community.
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