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The Olympic Study Center of the National Sports Academy Vassil Levski was established on 12 December 2022 as part of the Academy's complex modernization and strategic development program. It has a fundamental role in the development of education, culture, and scientific research in our country in the fields of Olympism and the Olympic Movement.

It hosts a wide range of activities that include:

- training of students;

- educational projects with students from all over the country;

- research and educational activities of lecturers, students, and postgraduate students;

- a collaboration with sports professionals, community organizations, and educational institutions at regional, national, and international levels;

- representative events, celebrations, exhibitions, and forums;

- a creation of thematic expositions for the development of the NSA "Vassil Levski".

In the Olympic Study Center, you will be able to see unique historical exhibits and materials from the founding of the NSA Vassil Levski - sports equipment, photos, awards, and documents from different periods in its development.

The Olympic Study Centre enables collaboration through joint projects with schools, sports clubs, and universities. Of particular importance is the cooperation with alumni of the Academy and the promotion of NSA activities and achievements in Bulgaria and abroad.

The Centre provides opportunities for organizing visits, initiatives, and performances of students, athletes, professionals, and sports activists from all over Bulgaria. Among the notable personalities of world renown who have visited the Olympic Centre is the President of the International Olympic Committee, Mr. Thomas Bach.


Prof. Lozan Mitev, Head of the Department of Management and History of Sport - Director of the Olympic Study Center

Assoc. Prof. Emilia Vitanova, Lecturer at the Department of Management and History of Sport - Assistant Organizer at the Olympic Study Center

Vanya Yordanova, PhD student at the Department of Management and History of Sport - Assistant Organizer at the Olympic Study Center

For connection and visit requests, please contact Vanya Yordanova at +359 887916701 or e-mail

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