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Publishing and documentation complex

  1. Subject of activity

    The publishing and documentation complex (NSA PRES) provides the educational, scientific, cultural and informational activity of the Academy with the necessary printed issues and popularizes the scientific achievemets of the academic members.The organization, management and support of the publishing house,as well as its relations with the other structural links of the Academy, are defined by the Academy council.

Management :

  1. 1. Publishing council;
  2. 2. Managing director.

Publishing coucnil
The poublishing council consists of 5 members, elected by the Academy council.President of the publishing council is the Vice-Rektor of the scientific research programs.The managing director of the publishing house can participate in the conferences of the publishing council (on condition that he is not a member), without the right to vote.
The publishing council lays down the policy of the publishing house by :

1. Approving :

  1. a) the annual publishing plan;
  2. b) the regulations for the inner organization of the activity of the publishing house;
  3. c) the production quotas, calculations and price-list of the services offered by the publishing house;  

2. Controls :

  1. a) the execution of the publishing plan, the publishing contracts and the contracts of sponsorship;
  2. б) the financial funds;
  3. в) the signing ot contracts with the Rector concerning the necessary equipment for the publishing house.

Managing Director
The managing director controls and represents the publishing house. He:

  1. 1. organizes and controls the execution of resolutions approved by the publishing council and the current magagement of the publishing house;
  2. 2. introduces to the Academy council the annual financial report of the activity of the publishing house.

All the activity of the NSA Publishing House is regulated by rules approved by the Academic council.

eng.Nikolai Chalakov

Managing director of the publishing and documentation complex

Sofia 1700,National Sports Academy

Tel: +3592 4014258

Mobile: +359898776693

Editor`s Office - NSA PRES

Tatyana Puneva - Editor

tel. +3592 4014255

Stanislav Hristov - Art Editor, Photographer

tel. +3592 4014255

Ognian Karamanchev - Prepress

tel. +3592 4014255

Anita Vasileva - Copy center

Margarita Stancheva

tel. +3592 4014339

Valentin Yankov - Maintenance Technician

tel. +3592 4014339



Publishing and documentation complex supports the :

  1. - Teaching process - provides the teaching process with the necessary literature;
  2. - Scientific research activitiy -
    Научноизследователска дейност - изработване на монографии, автореферати, разнообразни материали за конгреси, конференции и симпозиуми)
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