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Nessebar Water Sports Base


In the NSA specialist are educated in swiming, rowing, sailing, water-polo, canoe and water skiing. The water sports department also conducts a compulsatory water sports course for all of the students in NSA. The goal is to educated highly specialized experts for the needs of the sports clubs, as well as teachers and instructors in the educational system and sport services. NSA has perfect conditions for practical education of the students in NSA for the main water sports - swiming, rowing, water skiing, sailing, boardsailing, water rescue and others. In the specialized water base of NSA near Nessebar, all students in second course go on a 14 day educational course of water sports which ends with examinations on 4 compulsary disciplines and 1 discipline of their choice.


Nessebar Water Sports Base


Nessebar 8230
NSA Water Sports Base

Director: Hristo Konstantinov
Manager: Dimitar Zaneshev
Host: Maya Kurteva

Hotel: 055443126
Restaurant (dining-room): 055443163 Hristo Konstantinov, Ph.D.


The quay of the water sports base

The hotel-complex

The hotel-complex - interiоr

In the two parts of the hotel there are more than 150 confort rooms

The beach, where most of the water sports educational activities are conducted

The water sports base has an excellent dinning-room situated in a sepаrated building with a terrace and a view of the Ravda cove. About 100 people can dine in the dinning-room at a time.

At the base there are several halls for theoretical educational activities and a conference hall for other scientific needs.The water sports base of NSA is a place where highly qualified teachers instruct their students in swimming, rowing, sailing etc.

Twenty-four-hour safeguarded parking lot for 100 cars.

Children`s playground

Tennis base

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