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Meetings and rights


Article 13.
(1) The General Assembly sits regularly once a year. It is called by the Chairperson. The Chairpersons calls a special session in the following cases:
1. On the Academic Council motion;
2. On the Rectors motion;
3. On a motion by at least one fourth of its members.

(2) The members, who take the initiative of a special session, shall propose a provisional agenda.

(3) The General Assembly members are informed about its session in writing not later than 7 days before the date fixed for the session. The written invitation shall enclose a copy of the provisional agenda. The written materials on the agenda are to be available in the library in the Rectors building in Studentski Grad in 5 copies and in the library in Gurguliat Str. In 2 copies 7 days before the date fixed for the session. This does not refer to the report on the past mandate which is delivered to each General Assembly member by the same time.

(4) A General Assembly session is considered as legal I not less two thirds of its members have registered 30 minutes after its opening. The quorum does not include the members who are on a sick leave, a maternity leave or a business trip abroad. The total number of these members shall not exceed one fourth of the total number of all General Assembly members.

(5) In lack of quorum on the aforesaid paragraph, the session is postponed by one hour after the 30-minute period and is considered legal if not less than one half of the total number of members are present. If then there is no quorum, another session is called by the same procedure. This does not refer to the General Assembly sessions at which elections are held and the Academy Structure and Activities Regulations are accepted. They require a qualified majority of two thirds of the total number of members.

(6) The General Assembly sessions are public. Only General Assembly members are permitted to participate in the discussion on the agenda.

(7) The General Assembly sessions are chaired by the Chairperson or the Vice-Chairperson.


Article 16
(1) The General Assembly:

  1. elects Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson;
  2. elects the Rector, the members of the Academic Council, the Chairperson and the members of the Control Council;
  3. adopts and changes the Academy Structure and Activities Regulations;
  4. approves of projects for the development of the Academy;
  5. accepts the annual report of the Rector on the current state of affairs of the Academy;
  6. accepts the annual report on the Control Council activities;
  7. solves other problems on the motion of:
    a) the Rector;
    b) the Academic Council;
    c) the members of the General Assembly.
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